Aug 14, 2012

Baby Riley

She is here! Riley Joy is here!

Yes, my best friend had her first baby. I don’t even know if I can describe all of my emotions the past month!

First, anticipation… when would Riley actually arrive? Then, boom she was on her way… EARLY. Which, led to worrying (also lots of praying) as my friend spent a LONG time in labor. Then, an overwhelming rush of pride for my friend when they told all of us in the waiting room Riley was here! Shelly did it! And then I saw Riley, and became a bit of a blubbering aunt. She was so precious and teeny tiny. And already I love her so much!

And already, she has changed so much! I am so excited I can be there to watch her grow. And Shelly and Kyle, I can already tell, you guys are going to be amazing parents. She is precious. We love you guys (all three of you) alot.

So without further ado… here is Ms. Riley at two weeks old. And yes, we did stick her in a basket… but doesn’t she look so stinking cute?

She is having some sweet dreams I think…


Such a sweetie!


  1. Dara says:

    Congratulations Shelly!!! She is absolutely beautiful and of course the pictures are adorable 🙂

  2. Jessica Russo says:

    My oh my… I about lost it when I saw this picture of Kyle holding Riley in black and white. HUGE congrats Shelly & Kyle, and Aunt Jenny 🙂 She is absolutely precious.

  3. Kellie says:

    Beautiful baby….beautiful pictures…amazing parents…!!!

  4. Debbie Diegel says:

    Grandma shared this with me and I am so glad she did!! What an awesome couple with such a beautiful baby to make you an awesome new family! YOu tow are great and she is just too cute!! Keep the pictures coming. God has blessed you with a fantastic child and may he bless your lives together always. Love & Prayers,
    Debbie from COH


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