Apr 2, 2012

Brent & Lindsay- Jupiter, FL

You may remember this sweet couple from their engagement photos with a little red plane. I have been looking forward to their wedding since then. They were just so kind to each other… and to me.

Brent and Lindsay’s wedding was on a beautiful day in Jupiter. The ceremony was at the Lighthouse and the reception at The Frenchman’s Reserve.

It was funny… At their reception they had this slideshow of photos of both Brent and Lindsay through the years from babies until now. Lindsay is from Florida and Brent from Toronto. But I was amazed at how much they still had in common. They both played instruments, both vacationed in the same places as kids, love to fly and became pilots, and so many more things. They were destined to be together. 🙂

Thanks for letting us be a part of your day guys! We are so happy we met you.

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Lindsay’s daddy recently passed away. She wore his wedding band on her bouquet that day.

Jupiter Lighthouse Wedding714Jupiter Lighthouse Wedding715The Flower Mart made the beautiful bouquets.

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