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Hello! I am Jenny.

We have been blessed to tell stories for the past 14 years. so feel free to search your venue or location and look for ideas below.

this is where you will see some work and a peek at wedding days from start to finish.

Time flies. I remember writing my post last year looking ahead to 2013. And bam, it’s come and gone! My husband and I were joking tonight… I’m one of those people who are all or nothing.  Whether it’s a diet, cleaning my house, reading a book, whatever. When it’s time, I’m all in. Needless to […]

Did 2012 fly by for anyone else? Holy Smokes. It sure did for me. This past week I sat down and spent time journaling. It was such a blessing to think back on 2012, and it made me that much more excited for whats ahead. It was a great year in many, many ways. Luke […]

I love summer. I love it for so many reasons. The biggest is my kids and hubby are out of school (he’s a teacher). The past two weeks of summer have been especially wonderful. I have been on VACATION! It is not very often I take an entire two weeks off. But, I am so […]