Jun 6, 2012

Daniel & Dara- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The location… Punta Cana… wow. It looks like a screensaver slideshow. The beautiful blue skies and gorgeous teal waters. Breathtaking.

The couple… when I first talked to Dara… I knew I loved her. Her and Daniel’s relationship sounded so carefree and comfortable… yet they were serious about the commitment they were making to each other. And, after the wedding… I have just fallen deeper in love. What an amazing group of people. They made us feel like friends and part of the crew. Loved meeting everyone there.

The wedding… so many beautiful thought out details. You will see Daniel and Dara’s “Love is in the Air” theme traced throughout the day. And I have to mention the emotions on this day. So precious. I cried three times dang it… and I am not a super sappy person!

Thanks D & D. It was such a blast. We feel honored and blessed that you flew us out to capture your day.

Here are a few (well maybe more than a few) of my favorites…

The entire wedding was at the Paradisus Resort.

Punta Cana DR wedding266Punta Cana DR wedding267Punta Cana DR wedding268Punta Cana DR wedding269Punta Cana DR wedding270Punta Cana DR wedding271Punta Cana DR wedding272Punta Cana DR wedding273

Look at these awesome details… Serendipity Beyond Design put together the invites. Dara and Daniel’s friends helped with their welcome book, tumbler, etc.

Punta Cana DR wedding274Punta Cana DR wedding275

Our friend Helen from Modern Events coordinated their day… and also put together these bouquets. A woman with many talents 🙂

Punta Cana DR wedding276Punta Cana DR wedding277

Dara’s sister made these awesome shirts.

Punta Cana DR wedding278Punta Cana DR wedding279Punta Cana DR wedding280Punta Cana DR wedding281Punta Cana DR wedding282Punta Cana DR wedding283Punta Cana DR wedding284Punta Cana DR wedding285Punta Cana DR wedding286Punta Cana DR wedding287Punta Cana DR wedding288Punta Cana DR wedding289Punta Cana DR wedding290Punta Cana DR wedding291Punta Cana DR wedding292Punta Cana DR wedding293Punta Cana DR wedding294Punta Cana DR wedding295Punta Cana DR wedding296Punta Cana DR wedding297Punta Cana DR wedding298Punta Cana DR wedding299Punta Cana DR wedding300Punta Cana DR wedding301Punta Cana DR wedding302Punta Cana DR wedding303Punta Cana DR wedding304Punta Cana DR wedding305Punta Cana DR wedding306Punta Cana DR wedding307Punta Cana DR wedding308Punta Cana DR wedding309Punta Cana DR wedding310Punta Cana DR wedding311Punta Cana DR wedding312Punta Cana DR wedding313Punta Cana DR wedding314Punta Cana DR wedding315Punta Cana DR wedding316Punta Cana DR wedding317Punta Cana DR wedding318Punta Cana DR wedding319Punta Cana DR wedding320Punta Cana DR wedding321Punta Cana DR wedding322Punta Cana DR wedding323Punta Cana DR wedding324Punta Cana DR wedding325Punta Cana DR wedding326Punta Cana DR wedding327Punta Cana DR wedding328Punta Cana DR wedding329Punta Cana DR wedding330Punta Cana DR wedding331Punta Cana DR wedding332Punta Cana DR wedding333Punta Cana DR wedding334Punta Cana DR wedding335Punta Cana DR wedding336Punta Cana DR wedding337Punta Cana DR wedding338Punta Cana DR wedding339Punta Cana DR wedding340Punta Cana DR wedding341Punta Cana DR wedding342

They had fire dancers as a surprise for all of their guests.

Punta Cana DR wedding343Punta Cana DR wedding344Punta Cana DR wedding345Punta Cana DR wedding346Punta Cana DR wedding347Punta Cana DR wedding348Punta Cana DR wedding349Punta Cana DR wedding350Punta Cana DR wedding351Punta Cana DR wedding352


  1. Kathy says:

    The first look is beautiful. I love that set. The whole wedding looks absolutely amazing, you did a fantastic job! SOOOO PRETTY! 😀

  2. Erika says:

    AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! you captured every single detail of this gorgeous day!!! Dara/Daniel did a great job picking you as her photographer. I feel like I’m back in DR again 🙂

  3. Amy Carson says:

    jenny – These are absolutely breathtaking (as all of your work is, but these even more so!)!! I’ve been following your work for a while and this is one of my favorite weddings so far! Fantastic work and congratulations to the happy couple!!

  4. Kyla says:

    WOWSA! Jenny those pictures are FABULOUS! Everything about their wedding was breathtaking! I love the colors, the details and most of all the emotions that were captured. Their first look was precious and I absolutely love the shots of the guys in their banana hammocks LOL! I can clearly see why you loved this wedding so much! Daniel and Dara are blessed to have you as their photographer…as was I 🙂

  5. Dara & Daniel says:

    Words can never express our gratitude to you for the AWESOME job you did capturing our wedding! We are absolutely in awe. These are breathtaking. Thank you so much Jen and Shelly!!!! You two are truly blessed and absolutely working in the perfect profession for your talents. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  6. Melvin says:

    These are just awesome pictures!!! Looks like an awesome group of people!!!

  7. Nichole says:

    awesome pics and a beautiful wedding! love it!!

  8. What a fun wedding!! Those first look photos are too sweet.

  9. Ayesha says:

    I felt like I was there all over again. Even shed an involuntary tear! Breathtaking pictures for all of the breathtaking moments.

  10. Cathy Vaughn (Chicago) says:

    The moments captured during this absolutely awesome day are breath-taking. Every detail captured from the very beginning to the culmination of your wedding day was perfect. Everyone involved did an excellent job. My Hats off! to you guys, job well done. Congratulations! and may God continue to bless you.

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  12. Claudia Novakoski says:

    I just saw this and I HAD to comment! This is such a beautiful wedding! The shots when they were first seeing each other almost made me tear up, it really its beautifully done!

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