Apr 9, 2012

Juan-Sebastion & Laura- Miami, FL

Remember Juan & Laura from the Miami Art District engagement? If not, read their story here. Juan is funny… one of those “dry humor type” of funnies. He was cracking us up all day and was so flexible. Laura, what a sweet, genuine person. Plus, she has such an adorable laugh.

Their wedding was at the beautiful Bath Club in Miami. It was such a great experience to be a part of their day. They stayed so positive, despite the pouring rain all day. It did end up stopping though for a short window and they were able to get married outside on the beach as planned.

Here are a few of my favorites from their day.

Thanks guys for choosing us to capture such an important moment in your lives. 🙂 Please enjoy Italy (and take lots of photos Laura)!

The Bath Club Wedding648The Bath Club Wedding649The Bath Club Wedding650The Bath Club Wedding651The Bath Club Wedding652The Bath Club Wedding653

One of the most memorable nights at the beginning of Juan and Laura’s relationship was a late night were they sat talking for hours. They were talking so long they forgot to eat! So they found some little cereal boxes to snack on. So when Juan proposed he made a heart out of cereal boxes (as a little memorial to that special night).

The Bath Club Wedding654The Bath Club Wedding655The Bath Club Wedding656The Bath Club Wedding657The Bath Club Wedding658The Bath Club Wedding659The Bath Club Wedding660The Bath Club Wedding661The Bath Club Wedding662The Bath Club Wedding663The Bath Club Wedding664The Bath Club Wedding665The Bath Club Wedding666The Bath Club Wedding667The Bath Club Wedding668The Bath Club Wedding669The Bath Club Wedding670Parrish Design put together all of the floral arrangements. And wait until you see the beautiful reception centerpieces.

The Bath Club Wedding671The Bath Club Wedding672The Bath Club Wedding673The Bath Club Wedding674The Bath Club Wedding675The Bath Club Wedding676The Bath Club Wedding677The Bath Club Wedding678The Bath Club Wedding679The Bath Club Wedding680The Bath Club Wedding681The Bath Club Wedding682The Bath Club Wedding683The Bath Club Wedding684The Bath Club Wedding685The Bath Club Wedding686The Bath Club Wedding687The Bath Club Wedding688

Karma Goddess Wedding Planning helped keep the day running smoothly.

The Bath Club Wedding689The Bath Club Wedding690The Bath Club Wedding691The Bath Club Wedding692The Bath Club Wedding693

Aaron’s Catering did an awesome job with the food services that night.

The Bath Club Wedding694The Bath Club Wedding695The Bath Club Wedding696The Bath Club Wedding697The Bath Club Wedding698DCL was there giving the guests caricatures. What a fun alternative to a photo booth.

The Bath Club Wedding699The Bath Club Wedding700The Bath Club Wedding701The Bath Club Wedding702The Bath Club Wedding703

Congrats you two!


  1. jill Spear says:

    Great job ladies, as always, it was a pleasure working with you!

  2. Daniel Vilaplana says:




    DANY & LI
    From Costa Rica


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