May 6, 2012

Rich & Danielle- Miami, FL

The first thing I noticed when we walked in to the hotel room at the Mondrian was Danielle’s contagious smile. Seriously, how adorable is she?

She was so kind from the first moment until the last. And it wasn’t the easiest day. It poured. Even with plans changing several times… she kept her cool and remained incredibly positive.

Richard made her laugh a lot (so that helped).

Thanks you two for allowing us to be there to capture such an important day! Hope you enjoy this preview.

Vizcaya Museum Wedding525Vizcaya Museum Wedding526Vizcaya Museum Wedding527Vizcaya Museum Wedding528Vizcaya Museum Wedding529Vizcaya Museum Wedding530Vizcaya Museum Wedding531Vizcaya Museum Wedding532Vizcaya Museum Wedding533Vizcaya Museum Wedding534Vizcaya Museum Wedding535Vizcaya Museum Wedding536Vizcaya Museum Wedding537Vizcaya Museum Wedding538Vizcaya Museum Wedding539

The flowers were done by Blooming Flowers. I love all of the purples. So pretty.

Vizcaya Museum Wedding540Vizcaya Museum Wedding541Vizcaya Museum Wedding542Vizcaya Museum Wedding543Vizcaya Museum Wedding544Vizcaya Museum Wedding545Vizcaya Museum Wedding546Vizcaya Museum Wedding547Vizcaya Museum Wedding548Vizcaya Museum Wedding549Vizcaya Museum Wedding550Vizcaya Museum Wedding551Vizcaya Museum Wedding552Vizcaya Museum Wedding553Vizcaya Museum Wedding554Vizcaya Museum Wedding555Vizcaya Museum Wedding556Vizcaya Museum Wedding557Vizcaya Museum Wedding558Vizcaya Museum Wedding559Vizcaya Museum Wedding560

Bill Hansen Catering had yummy food coming all night.

Vizcaya Museum Wedding561Vizcaya Museum Wedding562Vizcaya Museum Wedding563Vizcaya Museum Wedding564Vizcaya Museum Wedding565Vizcaya Museum Wedding566Vizcaya Museum Wedding567Vizcaya Museum Wedding568Vizcaya Museum Wedding569Vizcaya Museum Wedding570Vizcaya Museum Wedding571Vizcaya Museum Wedding572Vizcaya Museum Wedding574Vizcaya Museum Wedding575

I loved mom’s face here watching her husband and daughter dance…

Vizcaya Museum Wedding573Vizcaya Museum Wedding576Vizcaya Museum Wedding577Vizcaya Museum Wedding578Vizcaya Museum Wedding579Vizcaya Museum Wedding580Vizcaya Museum Wedding581

Look at this yummy dessert table TC Events set up. Yum.

Vizcaya Museum Wedding582Vizcaya Museum Wedding583

We love David from AA Musicians.  He always keeps the party moving. And, how awesome is his giant touch screen?

Vizcaya Museum Wedding584Vizcaya Museum Wedding585Vizcaya Museum Wedding586Vizcaya Museum Wedding587

Congrats you two!


  1. jackie says:

    Jenny-your photos are perfection. always telling the most beautiful story with beautiful light and beautiful people. You are a true inspiration.

  2. Mary Fallon says:

    Awesome pictures.. shows a true love story!! Amazing!!

  3. Amy Palma says:

    Beautiful work! Wow I feel like I missed an incredible party. You captured all her smiles and fun moments as well as romantic ones. Thanks for the great pics!

  4. Lolita Bernard says:

    Nice Post. Thank you for sharing.


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