May 23, 2013

Tidbits: Art

So, I wanted to shamelessly plug my sister, Christy.

She is a really, really talented artist. Check out her work here.

We commissioned her to do a piece for our bedroom.

The photo we gave her was one that was taken on my first trip with Luke’s family to St. Pete Beach, FL (we had just started dating then).

St. Pete has been a special place to both Luke and myself… well even before we met. I grew up there until I started 6th grade. Luke and his family have been vacationing on the beach there since he was a baby. And that first trip together (in the painting) was just the beginning, we have been back countless times and have made so many wonderful memories with our own little family.

We knew it was the perfect thing for us to have in our room to remind us each day of how blessed we truly are.

Here are a few images of the painting in our room (don’t mind our hand-me-down furniture).


Even the texture on the painting is amazing..

She also gave us another painting as a gift. I love this one as well 🙂





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