Nov 8, 2012

Tidbits: Kelly Moore Bag

Today’s tidbits is for photographers (or even for someone who owns a slr and wants a fun way to carry it).

I wanted to talk about the stylish, yet super practical Kelly Moore bags.

And yes, this may seem like a shameless plug… but what I can I say? I love these things.

I own the original bag (had it pre-ordered before those babies even came out). And three years later… it is still in awesome condition! Since then I have bought another Classic for Shelly to carry on the wedding day as well. And about 6 months ago I bought the B Hobo for when I am shooting portrait sessions (don’t need to bring as much).

Here’s the Classic bag I have. This one does get heavy, so once I get to where I want to shoot, sometimes I will place it down (as you can see on the photo on the left) and then I can talk with my hands (like the photo on the right), jk. But, it does give my back a break every once in awhile to have the option to place it down (and the gear is still protected).

This is the B Hobo I use for sessions. It fits really comfortable across my body. I actually use this one a lot for everyday things too. Say I want to bring my camera with to take pictures of the girls at the park… I can use it as a camera bag and a purse/diaper bag.

Reasons why I love the bags…

– It doesn’t look like a camera bag. There are so many colors and size options (for both guys and girls).

-It’s padded and protects your gear.

-It stands on it’s own and doesn’t fall over.

-It’s easy to grab lenses and change them out. The classic has little magnetic buttons.. so it closes and opens in a jiff. And the smaller bag has a flap… which also makes it easy to open and close.

-It has a shoulder strap pad… which helps because it is heavy.

-Kelly Moore is a really sweet person (a very talented photographer herself I might add)… and I like supporting things my friends do!

You can check out the videos on the site to learn more about each bag they offer right here.

Maybe you can add one on your Christmas list? 🙂

Anyone else have a KM bag and want to comment?


  1. I have the B-Hobo also and LOVE it – but I definitely want another bag too! Collecting them is a bit addictive 🙂

  2. Rebecca Long says:

    I have the B Hobo and the Kelly Boy bag and love them both! I always get compliments on my “purse” and I really love how the B Hobo came with a shorter strap for times I want to just have a purse with a camera in it (safely). My husband uses the Kelly Boy bag at weddings and really likes it too… and he’s far from a bag-carrying kinda guy…

  3. Joanne says:

    This is a great idea for Christmas… got to get my boyfriend on that! I am just a hobbyist, but I love that I can have a bag to keep my camera safe and use it as a purse! Thanks for sharing! As always Jen, love your tidbits posts.

  4. Ashley says:

    Oh… I love all the options they have! Those bags are SO CUTE!


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