Mar 22, 2012

Tidbits: People

The longer I do this photography thing… the more I learn that photographing people is about people, not about photography. Great images of people to me evidence a strong human connection. It could be a mommy kissing their precious 1 week old baby. Or a couple so giddy and madly in love their eyes sparkle as they glance at each other.

I mean, honestly, this is why I fell in love with taking photos in the first place. Knowing your camera technically is needed for sure (being able to nail the exposure, framing, technique, etc…) But those things are not really what makes an image in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it is important you do those things right (that is part of the reason people pay you… because you know how to use your camera). But, what is going on in the image is what makes it really unique.

I love that my photography job is a people profession. I get to meet some pretty incredible ones too… Those would be my clients, who often can become more like friends than clients I suppose. It is because I get time to establish really solid relationships with them. I am there documenting some of the biggest moments in their life and this is what makes this job so enjoyable!

When things get busy, and I am shooting back to back weddings each weekend, I will be honest, I can take photography for granted. It’s pretty monotonous to take the photos and the effort involved seems to be just turning a wheel a few times and pressing a button. I am trying to remind myself today that I am not just pressing a button! The process is pretty incredible.

Photography is so much bigger than that.  It gives you the ability to literally freeze an instant in time, and keep it forever. Those images can connect to so many people and make them actually feel something.

For my fellow photogs out there, if you are feeling tired and burnt out. Don’t worry. I can get like that too. Maybe take a few moments today to think deeply about your photography and what’s involved.

Remember you have a talent and gift. You get to preserve memories for people. That’s pretty awesome!

And just because it is fun to post photos… Here are my favorite subjects to photograph. My daughters on St Patty’s Day 🙂




  1. katie says:

    love this. i’ve never been busy enough to really get in a rut, but i admire the fact that you’ve been able to take this step back and see your job/privilege with new eyes.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks for this Jenny. I wanted to finally speak up and say I love these tidbits posts you have been doing. I have been in business for about a year and it is so nice to hear from someone else who has been in my shoes. Thanks for your vulnerability! Please keep writing them!

  3. Captured Photography (Jenny) says:

    Thanks girls! I am so happy these words are encouraging.


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