Dec 23, 2016

Tidbits: Q&A with Basic Invite

Looking for an awesome invitation option? Well Basic Invite is just that.

The process is super simple. There are a ton of options with over 200 designs. Be sure the card is exactly how you want it – down to the littlest detail- with their online preview (colors and all). And, they even allow you to order a custom sample too, just so you can be sure. How amazing is that?

You have to go over and peek at their site. And for a limited time get 15% off!  Use code 15FF51 at checkout for your discount.


Tell us a little bit about what you do? 

Basic Invite is an innovative stationery design company. We are based out of southern Utah, but we are an online company. We serve all 50 states as well as all native English-speaking countries. Our customer base is wide and we are able to accommodate so many different types of brides because our services are so diverse. We are the custom color company, with over 180 custom colors. Basic Invite created unique instant preview technology which allows customers to edit almost every element of their design and preview those changes instantly and they can order a sample once their invitation is complete so they can see it for themselves before placing their final order. Working directly with our customers through our customer assistance program is an important part in making sure that each and every bride is happy with the invitation that will mark their special day.

What’s your number one piece of advice for brides in the planning process? 

Start early! Especially when it comes to the invitations, starting early is our number 1 advice. When brides start early the entire process is much more enjoyable for everyone. It leaves more time for brides to create their perfect invitation and gives us more of an opportunity to edit, tweak, and fine tune so that every invitation we come across is perfect!

If a bride was on a budget, what are some ways they can save on invitations? 

Brides can save on their invitations through us in a number of ways. We always have promotions going on. Currently, we have 15% off everything site wide. Brides can also save by ordering a higher quantity because the more invitations you buy the less each individual invitation costs

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