Aug 20, 2015

Tidbits: Q&A with Desiree from Desiree Dawn Events

Meet Desiree. She’s a super talented wedding planner/designer and just as sweet as they come.


She’s going to share some advice for our couples who are planning their big day!

tell us little about your business/venue and what you do
As owner and lead planner for Desiree Dawn Events, I specialize in creating memorable atmospheres that express my couples’ personalities and how they want to represent their lives together. My passion is in designing events that are timeless, stylish and sustainable – both in aesthetic and in the relationship. I adore naturally gorgeous venues, unique food and beverage menus (I’m a foodie at heart), and collaborating with like-minded professionals. As a boutique style of business, I commit to a limited number of events each season which allows me to partake in other avenues of this industry.
I’m also co-editor of Floridian Social. We are a modern and stylish inspiration resource for weddings, social events, and everday festivities in our sunny paradise. At our core, we have a vendor guide which highlights the fresh, creative and beautiful work being done by our “Faves”.
Being fully invested in the wedding industry here in South Florida has allowed me to build some incredible work relationships and friendships with fellow vendors. We collaborate and refer one another often and when a client trusts that bond, those events are always my most favorite to look back on.
-tell us a little about yourself
I’m a Florida native, born in Melbourne, went to college in Gainesville (go Gators!), and moved to West Palm Beach where I met my husband and we were married 5+ years ago. Last year, we purchased our first home in a funky little neighborhood in Lake Worth where we now enjoy walks on the water with our dog and baby boy. I love being outdoors on the water, taking road trips to fun towns all over the sunshine state and exploring the local scene (food, drink, craft, etc.). 

-what’s your number one piece of advice for brides in the planning process?
Chill out. It’s just a party. The marriage is the important part, so invest in that first. If you have funds available, throw a celebration focused on the two of you and not traditions, what your cousin or best friend did, or what you think people want to come to. Your loved ones want to see you happy and in love, that’s the bottom line.  
Photo by Kat Braman
(Those images above are by my talented friend, Kat Braman)
-if a bride was on a budget, what are some ways they can save when it comes to ?? 
Remove Pinterest from your wedding plans. It’s a great resource for crafting and finding inspiration, but it can be entirely overwhelming and a total budget killer. No wedding needs 100 little details to be memorable. The best events keep things simple: good views, good music, and good booze n’ bites.
Thanks so much Desiree!



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