Jun 2, 2015

Tidbits: Unplugged Ceremonies

So there you are gazing into the eyes of your beloved, saying your vows surrounded by your closest friends and family (the people most important to you)… You turn to sneak a glance at those wedding guests… and boom…. you are greeted by a sea of faces staring at their LCD screens.

I love the way Offbeat Bride said it in a recent article, “Welcome to the era of the over-documented wedding, where, even though you’ve hired someone to take photos, every guest has a camera or an iPhone and is tweeting the whole event. They’re there with you, but are they really there?”

There is a new wedding trend arising to help solve this problem… and honestly I think it may be my favorite one yet.

Unplugged Ceremonies.

What is an Unplugged Ceremony? Basically, the couple simply asks that guests and family members turn off all their electrical devices so that they are truly “there” during the ceremony.

Here’s an example of what a bride and groom might say to their guests…

And from my side, as a professional photographer, when a couple adopts this new trend.. I want to scream, GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!

Professional photos can be- and have been- ruined by guests standing in the way or having their camera flashes go off at inopportune times. Not to mention you worked hard to find your photographer and spent a pretty penny to assure that we will get you fabulous images. So trust us to get the job done.

As you can see here… I am quite surrounded…

And in this shot, all of the phones really take away from the bride and groom walking down the aisle and getting to make eye contact with their guests!

It is really becoming an issue for us when the bride first walks down the aisle as well. Everyone wants to grab that shot, but really all they get is everyone else in their shot trying to grab that shot. I feel like I am having to creep more and more in to the center of the aisle, just to get a clear view. And, I definitely don’t want to be blocking the groom from seeing his bride arrive.

So, what’s next? Just relay the message to your wedding guests. Lauren over at Every Last Detail has some ideas on how to present those requests here. As well as the Offbeat Bride here.

If you are still in the planning pages of your wedding… we really encourage you to take a look at their ideas and have an Unplugged Ceremony.

Stay tuned for the next Tidbits… Tips for Engagement Sessions including what to do, what to wear, and when to do them!



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