May 18, 2012

Alex & Liz- PGA National Resort

I have been looking forward to this wedding since Liz & Alex’s engagement session. If you haven’t seen that, head over here and read the story of how they met.

Their day turned out to be a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous and everything ran so smoothly.

Not to mention it was so fun for us to reconnect with some old high school buddies.

Alex and Liz, Hope you are soaking up the sun in Paradise Island. Thanks again for letting us be a part of your wedding. 🙂

Here is a little recap.

PGA National Wedding468PGA National Wedding469PGA National Wedding470PGA National Wedding471PGA National Wedding472PGA National Wedding473PGA National Wedding474PGA National Wedding475PGA National Wedding476PGA National Wedding477PGA National Wedding478PGA National Wedding479PGA National Wedding480PGA National Wedding481PGA National Wedding482PGA National Wedding483PGA National Wedding484PGA National Wedding485PGA National Wedding486PGA National Wedding487PGA National Wedding488PGA National Wedding489PGA National Wedding490PGA National Wedding491PGA National Wedding492PGA National Wedding493PGA National Wedding494PGA National Wedding495PGA National Wedding496PGA National Wedding497PGA National Wedding498PGA National Wedding499PGA National Wedding500PGA National Wedding501PGA National Wedding502PGA National Wedding503PGA National Wedding504PGA National Wedding505PGA National Wedding506PGA National Wedding507PGA National Wedding508PGA National Wedding509PGA National Wedding510PGA National Wedding511PGA National Wedding512PGA National Wedding513PGA National Wedding514PGA National Wedding515PGA National Wedding516PGA National Wedding517PGA National Wedding518PGA National Wedding519PGA National Wedding520PGA National Wedding521PGA National Wedding522PGA National Wedding523Congrats Liz! And so good to see you girls 🙂

PGA National Wedding524 


  1. Artemis says:

    Can’t believe how awesome the pics are!! 🙂 Well, I can.


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