Jan 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

Time flies. I remember writing my post last year looking ahead to 2013. And bam, it’s come and gone!

My husband and I were joking tonight… I’m one of those people who are all or nothing.  Whether it’s a diet, cleaning my house, reading a book, whatever. When it’s time, I’m all in. Needless to say, as for blogging about my life, I’ve been all out for quite a while, which is pretty sad, because I’ve had a lot to tell about!

I think with everything going on this year, part of me felt like I may be laying out too many personal details on a business blog. And honestly, probably the main reason was I was just so busy with everything going on!

After thinking, I realized… I really miss blogging. Not that I was ever some storybook writer on here. But, Im ok with sharing some personal details. Because honestly, this is more than a business. This has been an oppurnity for me to make some great relationships. When you are there capturing the biggest moments in people’s lives… it doesn’t seem so business-like… it seems personal.

So, to fill you on 2013.

2013 was full of so many memories. Some great, some hard… but all ones I hope I can remember.

It was a growing year for my marriage. Sound the alarms! After 8 years, I may actually be starting to understand my husband (why are men so weird?)  I am so thankful that God gave me someone to walk through this life with. And I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. Does it mean my marriage is always butterflies and ooey gooey feelings? Um, no. In fact, there were many points this year I felt hopeless about my marriage. And many times I felt convicted about my part in it. But, those moments have helped me understand how to be a better wife to Luke. God is really starting to show me the role I can have in his life… in our family’s life. And it’s exciting.

This year was a huge year for me as a mom. Being a parent is HARD. It is one of the biggest privileges in life… truly. I really felt the weight of that this year. Just how important being a mom is. The influence I have on my children is unlike any other. And I need to really value this time they are young. Ellie and Kira are such blessings. They make me smile daily. You know what someone told me the other day about parenthood? They days feel long, but the years feel fast. It’s so true. Some days I am just counting the minutes until bath and bedtime. Then other moments, I can’t believe my oldest is already in kindergarten. Like I said at the beginning, time flies.

Along the lines of being a parent… my husband and I also took a leap of faith and became foster parents this year. So far we have fostered two little guys and done respite for a littel girl. You can read more about our decision to do this here. The little guy we have now has been with us for almost 6 months. Oh, and he is just about the sweetest thing you will ever lay eyes on. We love him so much and it will be super sad to see him go. But, we are grateful for each day we have had with him. I think I have had about a bajlillion people say, “Oh how can you foster? Isn’t it hard to let them go?” Ugh, heck yes it’s hard! But, it doesnt mean we shouldnt be doing something just because it’s hard. This will probably be something I will write about more this year. There is such a need for foster families… so stay tuned.

And my last recap for 2013… this business of course. Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me. We have had our best year yet… and I know it wasn’t me (I even cut down my hours this year). It just continues to grow. A huge amount of thanks goes to you, our clients. You continue to sing our praises and bring us your friends. It is truly the best compliment we can receive. This year we were able to shoot 25 beautiful weddings, several portraits, and some other projects. We were published online more than 40 times with real wedding features (which blows my mind). We were published in 5 magazines this year, including a cover image! We were also able to improve our clients experience with faster turn around time, better proofing software, USB delivery, and going paperless (everything done online with a few simple clicks). We are looking forward to continuing that process this year and finding even more ways to make things easier, more personal, and special for our clients. We had the privilege of traveling to some of our favorite areas for weddings including the Keys, Boston, and New York City. It was just a great, fun year! And I need to pause and give a shout out to my BFF Shelly. She is an incredible office manager… and handles so many aspects of this business. I am so thankful for her for many reasons, and most definitely for the role she plays in Captured Photography.

2014, I realize you can be even more exciting. And I’m ready.

I am ready to put the important things first.

I am ready to love people better and really invest in relationships (no more of this surfacy stuff).

I am ready to stop chasing success and what I want… and do what HE has purposed for my life… even if it’s hard (that wasn’t easy to type).

I am ready listen and be still (I am currently reading “Becoming a Woman of Simplicity,” I HIGHLY reccommend it, it’s been so great).

And I am ready to share more with y’all.

Looking forward to this year,




  1. valerina ;) says:

    keep inspiring us! <3 it!!! 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Yes! Keep sharing! I want to hear more about your life adventures! It’s inspiring! Please keep it up!

  3. Nami Dadlani says:

    Beautiful post Jenny!! Here is to wishing you a wonderful 2014!!!

  4. I love you sissy and I’m so proud of you. I love how transparent and sincere you share in this. Continue to share your true heart with the world!! It’s beyond worth knowing <3


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